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Micro Farm Premium Coffee and Rare Teas

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Sustainability is the key


At Social Brew you don’t get coffee or teas from BIG CORPORATIONS but instead from high quality small micro lots , farms and their COOPERATIVES these incredible farmers mastered the art of rare coffee beans and processing them together for generations, they deserve the maximum of attention and revenue. “Specialty coffee from micro farmers around the world”

Specialty Coffee


Coffees above 80 SCA score are considered specialty coffees, at social brew We roast coffees above 83 scores with average of 86-88 scores with stocks of winners or participants of Cup of excellence award program at all time.

Rare Tea


Our teas are among top 0.1 % of teas from high mountains of China and Asia. Each of these royal teas has a legacy behind it with its unique heavenly taste and aroma now available at your retail with affordable prices.