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Social Brew / Colombia – Finca casagrande- Teruel Huila estate-filter coffee

Colombia – Finca casagrande- Teruel Huila estate-filter coffee


Finca Casagrande is one of the few large farms that can be found in the very famous Huila Region. The coffee has a great consistency in the cup throughout the harvest, thanks to the attention paid by Cesar Pérez (the owner) to good harvesting, fertilizing and picking practices, which assures good quality.

Cesar is a young 31 years old farmer whose father passed the farm down to him 15 years ago when it was only 5 hectares in size. Cesar and his family have worked very hard, taking quality very seriously in order to make the most of the farm’s location, which benefits from exceptional soil, light and high altitude. The farm has both a high rate of production per hectare and an exceptional yield, features that are difficult to find together on one farm.

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Finca casagrande, Teruel Huila

Altitude: 1700masl

varieties: Castillo, Caturra

single estate coffee This coffee has a juicy body, a citric acidity with medium sweetness and flavors of chocolate and stone fruits.

perfect for Hand brew, filter coffee machine or french press


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