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Coffee supply and machinery

About Us

Social Brew is an artisan coffee company with a passionate team of people who have love for specialty coffee. With combination of founders and consultants with over a decade of experience in coffee sourcing, brewing ,roasting and serving we aim to provide some of the worlds finest coffees with sustainability and responsibility at the heart of what we do. Three words which describes us.




Our Coffee

From the farmer to the beans, roasting to brewing and training,  we are always striving for perfection. Our coffee is certified Specialty Coffee which means coffee of particularly high quality and in-depth knowledge of how the beans have been handled from farm to the cup. The green beans we seek must meet our high standards so we can roast and prepare this coffee with the utmost respect to those who grew it. We source coffee with at least 81 points on the SCA score chart, meaning we have the best coffee from all four corners of the world.

specialty coffee

Partner With Us

more than a coffee supplier

We view our wholesale accounts as collaborative partnerships and are happy to work with you, as coffee company who has extensive coffee shop operation experiences, we understand how to brew coffees that impress customers and also some of the challenges faced within daily operations. We currently supply coffee shops and restaurants with coffee throughout Denmark and beyond. We freshly batch roast your coffee and deliver it to you, to order. We love to talk coffee, to share our knowledge and to develop long term relationships with those who share our passion..

What We Offer

with your coffee

Free Training

We offer free training to your staff to get the best results out of your coffee

Free Machine Service

All partners receive complimentary machine servicing and we set up your coffee machine and grinder for your chosen coffee


Running busy businesses isn’t easy, we like to support our partners with providing up to date trends and information within the coffee industry as well as recipes and support for seasonal products.

Private Label Coffee

We offer white label coffee to get your own branded coffee on your shelves. You should be proud of what you’re selling because we have some of the best coffees in the world

*We supply varieties of high tech coffee machines for lease and purchase. contact us today for a tailor made solution ….